Thanks to their four sanitary amenities including purification and shipment of live shellfish, the Viviers d'Oléron meet the requirements of European regulations on food safety and traceability. Our quality department manages the company and operates a quality assurance approach integrating HACCP to comply with good hygiene practise.

The raw materials are checked throuroughly and records are kept to ensure good conditions for implementing the various stages of production, product quality and consumer safety. The company has a tracking software enabling it to trace the origin and destiny of the various products (upstream and downstream traceability).
We answer all questions from our customers and take into account their requirements in order to bring them the more satisfied.

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We have our shellfish pools and an approved treatment plant with a capacity of 10t/jour for the treatment of shell zone B, packaging workshops, mussels, cockles and shellfish with a washing line and débyssussage. There is also a fish trade workshop with temperature-controlled pools, chilled shellfish pools and temperature controlled dock for arrivals and departures of various goods.

Our health approval number for all our activities is : FR 17.140.046 CE

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