The seafood we sell the most are mussels. We distribute mainly the “bouchot” type and out of season we import fished or roped mussels. They are sold in traditional bags of 5, 10, 15 or 20 kg or ready to cook.

We also offer the full range of raw or cooked shellfish including: whelks, clams, almonds, winkles, cockles, scallops, black and white scallops, lavagnons, etc ... Re- crustaceans, we also sell raw or cooked: crabs, lobsters, spiders, prawns, shrimps ...

These products are purchased mainly in France with a minority in Northern Europe.
Our suppliers are from auctions, fishermen, farmers or processors from whom we buy these products preferably in raw form in order to be able to work on site, having forged a partnership with many of them to validate our philosophy (quality, service...)

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