Our clientele is very diverse due to the different activities of les Viviers d'Oléron. .

We radiate throughout France and also the neighbouring countries (Italy, Belgium, Spain). Our clients are GMS, retailers, wholesalers as well as breweries, restaurateurs, fishmongers, oyster farmers or processors.

Our team consists of 15 to 20 people: telemarketers, truck drivers and other delivery people, a production manager, a quality and traceability manager, ten agents of production and an administrative unit of 3 to 4 people. All staff is trained in various patterns and techniques related to the seafood industry and can adapt to most situations whether it be responsiveness or quality.

Les Viviers d’Oléron are opened from 01/01 to 31/12 7 days a week without exception for a better service tailored to individual customers.

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